1990s in Fantastic Man!

This glorious, tome-like coffee table book by photographer MARCELO KRASILCIC, titled ‘1990s’, offers a great idea: to look at one’s body of work from a proper distance, with the right amount of perspective, thirteen years after the decade ended. MARCELO moved from his home country Brazil to New York in 1990 to study and pursue a career in photography. He spent the ’90s shooting lots of friends, lots of nudity, quite a few flexible yoga poses, delightfully normal furniture arrangements, and a world-famous album-cover image of pop group EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL in a limousine. The publication spans two books: one with horizontal photographs, the other with verticals. Together they cleverly add to the re-writing of history. So maybe the notoriously neglected ‘nineties’ weren’t that bad at all?

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